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February Break Programs


Theatre Merit Badge   

Come join us as the Trinity Repertory Company offers Theater Merit Badge. What a great way to earn this merit badge working with professionals in the field. Come see what happens behind the scenes, tour the facility, act with professional actors, help with a real production and learn hands-on from the pros. Your fee will include your merit badge book and a Theater Merit Badge Work Sheet, so no need to purchase. Scouts must bring a blue card completed by their unit leader, paper and pen/pencil.

Climbing Merit Badge 

Experience the thrill of climbing in a safe and supervised environment with lots of room for learning and having fun. The day begins with in depth instruction on knot tying, climbing and rappelling technique. After practicing with an instructor, and earning the approval to climb independently, each Scout will get to test their new skills on over 50 climbing routes. During the course of the day, each Scout will have the opportunity to complete all the requirements for the Climbing Merit Badge.

Drafting Merit Badge 

Drafting is a highly refined form of drawing used to communicate ideas to engineers, architects, and craftspeople. In earning this badge, Scouts learn the importance of accuracy and simplicity in developing a drawing that shows precise details in a simple format.

Truck Transportation Merit Badge 

Scouts working on the Truck Transportation merit badge learn about all of the aspects of moving goods from one location to another. They find out about safety aspects such as truck maintenance and driver’s logs. They also investigate different types of trucks, insurance, and the logistics required to move products.

American Labor Merit Badge 

While working on the American Labor merit badge, Scouts learn about the rights of workers and the importance of labor relations. They investigate topics such as hours of work, wages, and working conditions.



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