Introducing the all new 2019 popcorn fundraiser!

Our brand-new partnership with Camp Masters Popcorn provides you with

better tasting products, packaged in tins, with more variety, better value, and new prizes!

 Fill a Sheet Incentive!

Any Scout who fills an entire take order sheet will be entered into a drawing for $20 in Dave & Buster’s Power Cards! The more sheets you fill the more entries you get. Must email your form to Your entries remain in for each drawing so you can add to your chances to win all sale long! There will be 10 weekly drawings. 1 held each Friday. Starting Aug. 30th - Ending Nov. 1st  


The Benefits of Selling Popcorn!

1) NO RISK! There are no upfront costs. You only pay for what you sell!

2) We accept returns. We take back what you don't sell, but only up until November 2nd. November 3rd and after, returns will not be accepted and the unit will be charged for items that were kept. We encourage you to return your product early so we can get it to units who need it.
*Note that since this is a food product the council is unable to return any product to the manufacturer. Returns are used to fill final orders. Please be courteous when returning any product.

3) You'll be able to fund your Scouting adventures all year long.

4) Competitive commission structure. Units can earn up to 50%!

5) Online sales platform allows for nationwide 24/7 availability where products are shipped directly to the customer.

6) Prizes! Council pays for the youth prizes and bonuses while Camp Masters provides additional incentives.

7) Opportunity to support our Military with multiple donation options.

This annual sale helps the Council lower the cost of camping and programs so we can ensure Scouting continues to thrive right here in Narragansett Council. 

Key Popcorn Dates!

Key Popcorn Documents

June 13: BOOM Event
Come see our guest speaker Michael Beck. Units who attend his exclusive training average 14% growth in their sale.

August 1: Youth Kickoff at United Skates of America

August 16: Show & Sell Orders Due in the system

September 14: Show & Sell Distribution Day

November 2: Returns, Take Orders, and Prize Orders Deadline
*We do accept early returns

November 23: Take Order Distribution Day

December 8th: $750 Club or Higher Top Sellers Fun Day

December 13: Final Payments Deadline
Due to the high volume of late payments last year if your 2019 balance is not paid in full by 12.13.2019 your unit will incur a 3% late fee. This will increase 3% each month it is late

December 15: Providence Bruins Top Seller Night

2019 Popcorn Leader Guide


2019 Popcorn Show & Sell Calculator


Unit ID's for Popcorn Ordering System

*The Camp Master ordering system uses BSA National ID's as opposed to unit #'s to avoid any duplicate #'s. Please use this document to find your Unit ID.

Ex. Troop 1 Narragansett is in the system as Unit ID 98795


Unit Leaders - How to setup your unit in popcorn system


Scouts/Parents - How to setup your online seller account


How to be a super seller script and tips



Commission Structure

2019 Take order and Prize brochure

$400 Online Sales Camp Master Amazon Gift Card Incentive

If your Scout sold $750 or higher click here to register for our Top Sellers Event! 

$3,000 Camp Masters High Achiever Program

$3,500 Super Bonus Prize! - Form coming soon

Choose from 1 of the following:

⇒Free week of Narragansett Council Camp

⇒Nintendo Switch with 1 Game

⇒Garmin Action Camera

⇒Six Flags Family Pack


 35% = Base commission for all units


 +2% = Bonus commission for units who grow 10% more over their previous years sales (New units exempt)


50% = Online sales commission


Popcorn Ordering System for units

Support a local Scout

Support our Military


Contact the Council office at:







PO Box 14777
10 Risho Avenue
East Providence, RI 02914

(In Mass: 508.402.7060)


1276 Bald Hill Road, Unit 160
Warwick, RI 02886



79 Swansea Mall Drive
Swansea, MA 02777



61 Camp Yawgoog Rd

Rockville, RI 02873