Cub Scout College

This January there are so many ways to Scout On! Elective Adventures are a fun way to explore a wide variety of activities. 

Check out these great Cub Scouting Elective Adventures offered at Cub Scout College! All Cub Scouts are welcome to attend on January 27th, 2024.

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Bear Adventure-
Roaring Laughter

Learn about humor and the art of making others laugh! Practice tongue-tweeters, review some run-ons, create mad-libs, tell jokes and more!

Join Bob Bitgood on February 16th!

Webelos Adventure-
Art Explosion

Learn about all types of art – drawing, painting, sculpture, origami, digital art, graphic design, photography, comics, and more.

Make your own to share!

Join Tim Neronha on February 16th!

Bear Adventure-
Make It Move

Study forces and movement. Investigate how simple machines like pulleys and levers work. And see ways where they all work together!

Join Bob Petrarca, on February 17th!

Bear Adventure-
Super Science

Learn about static electricity and buoyancy. Investigate color-morphing and color-layering.

Join Heather Robinson, on February 18th!

Tiger Adventure-
Tiger Theater

Discover some creative ways to communicate! Learn about puppet shows, reader’s theater, and pantomime. Learn to put on a little show of your own and watch a play or attend a story time at a library.

Join Bryan Kuchar on February 18th!

Tiger Adventure-
Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries

Learn about magic, science, secret codes, and other “mysteries.” Share it with others! 

Join Flo Stevens on February 19th!

Tiger Adventure-
Tiger Tag

Play active, team, and relay games! In the process, learn about teamwork, inclusiveness, and sportsmanship.

Join Susan Lafratta on February 19th!

Wolf Adventure-
Code of the Wolf

Wolf Cub Scouts learn about numbers, measuring, shapes, and math for the Code of the Wolf adventure. They also get to try sending a message using code!

Join John Vecoli on February 19th! 

Wolf Adventure-
Finding Your Way

Dont get lost! Learn map and compass skills. Find out how useful these skills are for hiking!

Join John Caramadre on February 20th!

Webelos Adventure-
Earth Rocks!

Dig in and learn all about geology and the Earth! Uncover amazing facts about rocks and minerals. Learn to identify geological features on a map.

Dont take this course for granite!

Join Gary Hemphill on February 20th!






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