Escape to Adventure!

With many units taking advantage of the nice weather to meet, use this quick reference check list to help keep everyone in your unit safe. 

There are lots of ways to keep active in Scouting. Meetings don't have to be held in the same place or in the same way every week. Design one of your meetings to be a hike or another to be a camping demo where you test equipment. 

Here are more ideas for keeping Scouting-Active!





Klondike Derbies


A Klondike derby is a weekend long competitive event which uses Klondike Gold Rush themes to complete a sledge racecourse made up of multiple “Towns.”

Teams of 4-7 Scouts are pitted against other Scouts and the clock.

It's never too early to start preparing for our wicked awesome Scout Skill Klondike Derby events!






Inspired by Yawgoog Scout Reservation, these segment patches are designed to be earned through out the year. Earn segments by taking part in your favorite parts of Scouting!


See what's available!


Indoor Clubs

Check out these great ways to stay active in the "Great Indoors!

Chess Club

Are you someone who’s always been interested in Chess but doesn’t know where to start? Whether you are a first time player or a wanna be Grandmaster, our Chess Club could be what you’re looking for!

Check the Details!

Indoor Sports Club

Scouts can find and participate in indoor sporting activities as the weather gets colder. Because everything is better with friends so we’d love to see stable groups out there actively participating as well! 

Check it out!

Design it Yourself Whittling Chip Projects 

If you're just getting started or you have a lot of experience, this Club will offer several different activities you can use to put your whittling skills to the test! 

Check it out!

Winter Crafts Club

Build an indoor igloo! Snip some Snowflakes! Craft Carton Penguins!

Go Create something new with the Winter Crafts Club!

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Outdoor Clubs

Scouting can take place anywhere!

Get out there!

Chopped: Campfire Cooking Edition

The Goal of the Chopped: Campfire Cooking Edition is to encourage Scouts to participate in outdoor cooking opportunities. Using predetermined ingredients, Scouts will have the opportunity to get creative and potentially introduce their troops to exciting meal options on future outdoor camping trips. 

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Hiking Club

Get your Scouts and their families outside and exploring different trails in the council and surrounding areas. Utilizing physical fitness, planning and other Scout Skills to take advantage of the resources we have to offer for hiking and outdoor adventure.

Find out more about the Club!

Geocaching Club

The goal of the Geocaching Self-Discovery club is to get Scouts active outside alongside a trusted adult with the extra possibility of participating in a “stable group.” Scouts will have the opportunity to explore areas unique to our Council and create regular activities for those looking for extra ways to get outdoors.

See how to get involved!

Scouting Winter Olympics (Snow Permitting Only)

Who says only Olympians can compete in sporting event? We’re going to be hosting our very own Scouting Winter Olympics! If your Scout thinks they have what it takes, just wait for the first significant snowfall you see.

Check it out!

Winter Fishing Club

Scouts and their families should all get outside exploring different bodies of water in the council and surrounding areas. Utilizing preparedness, planning and other Scout Skills, take advantage of the resources available for fishing and other outdoor adventures.

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Passport to Adventure!

The Passport to Adventure is a great tool for getting out there and experiencing Scouting. Log what activity you took part in, the date you completed it, and your favorite part.

 Fill up your passport with great memories! 

Print out your Adventure Passport today!








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