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Project C.O.P.E.

(Challenging, Outdoor, Personal, Experience)

C.O.P.E is a great activity for your students that provides leadership and teamwork opportunities.

C.O.P.E.— This is a program offered at two locations, in Cranston and Hope Valley, RI. Students will learn to trust each other as they work as a team to accomplish different elements.  During the elements, students will work on communications skills, teamwork, decision making, and problem-solving.

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What is Project C.O.P.E?

Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience, or C.O.P.E, is a series of physical, mental, and emotional challenges facilitated by a trained staff directed at enhancing personal growth. The program is composed of customized learning activities, group initiative games, trust events, and obstacle course challenges completed on what we call a ‘low challenge course’. Some activities involve a group challenge while others develop individual and team skills and agility. C.O.P.E is non-competitive; it emphasizes the importance of working together without creating a “winner-loser” situation.


Project C.O.P.E emphasizes:

  • Trust - Participants completing difficult tasks on a C.O.P.E course develop trust in COPE staff members, the safety of the course, each other, and themselves.
  • Leadership - Leadership is given and assumed naturally and can be expressed in many ways.  Team members attempting to solve problems on a C.O.P.E course have many opportunities to develop and exercise leadership skills.
  • Decision Making - Project C.O.P.E requires groups to make decisions by developing one or more solutions to a problem, considering the available resources and alternatives, and evaluating the possible results.
  • Problem Solving - Project C.O.P.E challenges groups and individuals to develop solutions to interesting problems.  Participants can then test their solutions and evaluate the results.
  • Self-Esteem - Meeting the challenges of a C.O.P.E course allows individuals and groups to develop self-esteem and encourages them to adopt challenging attainable goals.

Project C.O.P.E is the premier outdoor experiential learning opportunity for students throughout Rhode Island offering fun & adventurous field experience while providing leadership and teamwork. It can serve as a beginning-of-the-year ice-breaking activity or end-of-the-year reward! Our program consists of customized learning activities appropriate for youth grades 3-12. 


We operate two C.O.P.E course locations, Adventure Base Camp in Cranston and Camp Yawgoog in Hope Valley. We schedule reservations during the school day typically 8 a.m.-1 p.m. in the spring & fall. Project C.O.P.E is $20.00 per youth. Contact us to learn about annual discounts through our school referral program. 


Youth groups, scouts, and schools looking for a more complete experience can choose an overnight trip. At both COPE sites, cabin & tent sites are available. For more information contact Patrick Afonso at 401-426-5509. or at Patrick.Afonso@scouting.org


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223 Scituate Avenue
Cranston, RI 02921



1276 Bald Hill Road, Unit 160
Warwick, RI 02886




61 Camp Yawgoog Rd
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