Day Camp Report Card


Summer learning loss is an increasing problem in our children’s education.  Statistics show that a quality summer camp program can help address this problem,  we have come up with this report card to communicate to you how we reinforce and build upon skills that your child has been learning throughout the school year.



Writing Skills:

Your son worked on and developed reading and writing skills by using his Day Camp Daily Journal

Applied Skills/ Character Development:

Mastery Approach: Being motivated by personal improvements in skills and performance

Your Cub worked on improvements throughout the week in many the activity areas.  The most noticeable improvement can be seen in the areas of Archery, BB, boating, and swimming.


Task Confidence: Having strong expectations of success on specific tasks being performed

With support from the staff, your son built his confidence by gradually improving in specific areas namely in archery and BB.


Self Esteem:  possessing a respect for self, receiving awards and recognitions from others, achieving improving levels of performance.

Your son’s self esteem is boosted through improvement throughout the week.  Hitting the archery target or BB target is a big self esteem boost, learning to swim or getting over fear of the water is another big boost.

Gross Motor Skills:

Your son worked on and developed his gross motor skills through participating in field sports and swimming

Fine Motor Skills:

Your son increased and developed the use of his fine motor skills by participating in our archery and arts programs.  Archery requires patience and they ability to use your fingers and finger tips to successfully shoot the arrow.  Each scout practices and gradually improves throughout the week.  In art each cub uses fine motor skills to work on and complete projects and tasks.

Team Building:

While at Camp your son worked with a group of boys to complete tasks.  In most cases your son was placed in a den where he needed to get to know new scouts and develop communication and interactive skills.  The Den of cubs in some areas works together as a team to complete tasks, in areas such as sports.

Physical Fitness:

Your son was busy this week.  Not only do they walk as a group from station to station, they also have time to work on field sports and group sports

Science & Nature:

While at Camp, your son participated in our nature class learning about various science and nature topics based on the theme of the week.

Communication Skills:

Your son participated in developing a skit or song for the closing campfire.  He was a part of the practice and performance of their chosen skit or song.



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