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Camp Scholarships

Dear Leader and Parent:

Camping and other outdoor activities are an essential part of Scouting. Indeed, it is impossible to enjoy the full benefits of the Scouting program without attending Cub Scout Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Webelos Resident Camp, and Scouts BSA Summer Camp!

We feel so strongly about the outdoor program that we have made a commitment that no young person will be denied a camp experience due to financial constraints. To that end, the Narragansett Council has established a Campership Fund to assist our Scouting families.

The Campership Committee will consider camp scholarship applications for Scouts BSA Camp at Yawgoog, Webelos Camp at Yawgoog, Cub Scout Day Camp and Family Weekend. In keeping with the Scouting philosophy, we ask that every effort be made by your Cub Scout or Scouts BSA member and their unit to provide a portion of the camp fee. In the words of the Scout Law….”A Scout is thrifty….he/she works to pay their way and to help others. He/She saves for the future. He/She carefully uses time and property.”

While funds are limited, I would again stress that we are committed to providing scholarship assistance to ensure that every youth member attend camp. In order to fairly distribute available funds the deadline for campership requests is May 15th However, if a family situation changes or if a Cub/Scout decides to attend camp after this deadline, please be assured that we will consider a family’s request. Please be aware that we will contact the Cubmaster or Scoutmaster once the application is received (Please provide Scoutmaster/Cubmaster email when filling out the application). All requests for aid will be treated in a confidential manner.

We sincerely hope to see every Cub Scout, Webelos Scout, and Scouts BSA members in one of our camping programs this summer.

Yours in Scouting,

Tim McCandless
Scout Executive/CEO


Financial Assistance Application




PO Box 14777
East Providence, RI 02914



1276 Bald Hill Road, Unit 160
Warwick, RI 02886





61 Camp Yawgoog Rd

Rockville, RI 02873