2019 Klondike at Aquapaug

2019 Klondike at Aquapaug
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The last date for registration has passed.

The Klondike Derby is an annual winter event based on the heritage and history of the Alaskan Gold Rush.  The event is designed for patrols to go from station to station with a traditional Klondike sled to test there skills and leadership ability in the outdoor winter environment.

Stations will include-

  1. Flapjack Flip - The objective of the game is to cook a pancake and flip it over a rope, catching it in the pan. Fastest time to cook and flip it over wins.
  2. Radioactive Isotope- You have encountered a dangerous material and have to dispose of it without being within 10 feet of the container. All participants are blindfolded, except the team leader.
  3. Pulp Log Toss- You must cut a log using a two-man saw and then toss a log ten feet and have it land on a line
  4. Rescue Sled-
  5. Travois Walk- Your Patrol will have to assemble a travois. With one person on the travois, and the others holding the ropes, you will need to figure out how to walk it from one side of the course to the other. This will be a timed event, with no maximum limit.
  6. First Aid - You come upon a victim of a skiing accident. He has either a broken collarbone or sprained ankle. You must treat the victim and create a makeshift stretcher to transport him to the hospital.
  7. Blind Tent Challenge - You will set up a tent blindfolded, with only one guide who isn’t blindfolded. Fastest time wins.
  8. Fire building - You have to build a fire and burn a piece of twine 1 foot above the firepit. Fastest time wins.
  9. Human knot - Everyone joins hands with another person creating a knot. Without letting go your team leader must guide you to untangling yourselves
  10. Obstacle Sled Race -You must maneuver through an obstacle course with your team and your sled
  11. Kims Game - Your patrol will be shown and asked to memorize multiple items that are hidden under a cloth. You will see the items for 15 seconds then asked to tell which ones you remember.
  12. 2 man saw - A log must be cut by two scouts as fast as possible using a two-man saw.
  13. Bear bag - You need to hoist a bag from your patrol by throwing a rope over a crossbar, tying a bowline knot and fastening the rope to the bag, then hoisting the bag using the knot you tied. Repeat for each patrol
  14. Panning for gold - Patrol uses a tarp cooperatively to toss a “gold nugget” over a rope 10 feet above the ground. The nugget could be a tennis ball or like as long as will not run the risk of injury. The score could be cumulative times the “nugget” gets over the rope.
  15. Ladder lashing - Your patrol must lash together a ladder and use it to retrieve an object from a tree
  16. Tripod Sprint - Your patrol will have to sprint 50 yds. with the materials in your sled and have to set up a tripod, take it down, and sprint back to the starting line with all materials. the fastest time wins.
  17. Sled inspections - Your patrol should be equipped with all items on the required list a point will be awarded for each item

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