Yawgoog Alumni Association 2017 Dues

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The Yawgoog Alumni Association is comprised of thousands of Alumni all over the USA and other countries as well. The Alumni was founded by H. Cushman "Gus" Anthony in 1980. Its purpose is to keep the "Spirit of Yawgoog" alive and to accent the Heritage of Yawgoog.

Over the past years, the Alumni Association has made substantial contributions to Yawgoog, thanks to the membership restricted fund interest combined with extra project donations.

Thanks to the continued support of Yawgoog Alumni, we have been able to assist the current camp leadership in a partnership to "keep the spirit of Yawgoog burning brightly for all future generations." Your annual dues have allowed the restricted Alumni  fund to see continuous growth. Your annual pledges to Alumni Projects  has made many dreams become reality.

You Can Join Now & Pay Your Dues by Clicking the "Continue" Button

We ask that Alumni become "active" members by contributing to the organization in the way of annual dues. The amount requested is minimal, so everyone can get involved. You can become:


 BRONZE member by contributing $25;
  GOLD member by contributing $50; or
   SILVER member by contributing $75 or;.
  SILVER PLUS member by contributing $100 or;

NEW - a LIFETIME member for a ONE   TIME contribution of $500


(The categories should sound familiar to you as they replicate the CY Awards Program.)

The actual dues contributions are placed in a "restricted " account with Narragansett Council. The principal cannot be touched! Ever!! Only the income, which this account produces, can be used for special projects at Yawgoog each year.

Along with the annual dues, the Association announces an annual project  it wishes to accomplish. If an active alumni member wishes to contribute to that project, he may. Although the project donations are not a requirement, they are greatly appreciated.

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PO Box 14777
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1276 Bald Hill Road, Unit 160
Warwick, RI 02886





61 Camp Yawgoog Rd

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