2017 Regional Pinewood Derby in Manville

2017 Regional Pinewood Derby in Manville
Last Day To Register
33 Division Street
Manville, RI, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

2017 Narragansett Council Regional Pinewood Derby

To: Cubmasters and Pack Pinewood Derby Chairs

AnyCub who wins 1st- 5th place can race at any one Regional Race that is at a convenient time and location.  The race doesn’t need to be in your service area to race on the Regional level.  Food will be available for purchase at all races


Where: St. James Church

Hosted by Pack 1 Manville

Check-in from 11:00 AM to 12 Noon with racing until 3:45 PM. Capacity 100 Cars. Hot food and drinks will be available for purchase.

Click her for 2017 Pinewood Derby Rules

The Narragansett Council’s detailed rules and specifications for a Pinewood Derby Car has evolved over many years dealing with overly zealous Cub Scout Parents. It is the responsibility of each Pack to fully inspect, measure, and weigh each car so it meets the technical specifications of the Narragansett Council Pinewood Derby Committee before payment of the racing fees. DO NOT REGISTER ILLEGAL CARS.

On race day, the car owner will be given a short time during the check in and car inspection period to make minor corrections to meet all the technical specifications. Car owners must supply their own tools.

The greatest number of rule violations in previous years has been the use of liquid lubricants, cars that exceed the 5-ounce weight limit, and cars with pointed front ends.

DO NOT send a car to the Regional Derby, if you have knowledge the Cub Scout did not participate in building it.

We need the full names of all Pinewood Derby Car Owners racing at least one week in advance to prepare nametags. ONLY registered Scouts are allowed to race.

Registrations are only accepted on the Narragansett Council Website

We do not handle cash at the event and we do not give refunds for any reason.

The Cub Leader who completes the online registration is responsible for the Pack’s compliance to all the rules of the Narragansett Council Pinewood Derby Committee.

I also understand that I am responsible if a Cub Scout from my Pack presents an illegal car for the technical inspection at the Narragansett Council Regional Pinewood Auto Race and is prohibited from the competition.

$10.00 per Participant


Narragansett Council - Boy Scouts of America

PO Box 14777, 10 Risho Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

401.351.8700  info@narragansettbsa.org