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The purpose of the fall membership campaign is to give boys in every elementary school the opportunity to join Cub Scouts. It is a cooperative effort between our district membership teams and our pack leadership.

Why should your unit do a Join Scouting NIght?
A national survey of parents who attended a Join Scouting Night was conducted and sheds light on some reasons why parents who come may choose not to enroll their child in Scouting, or claim to be dissatisfied. In the majority of instances where parents were unhappy with their Scouting experience, they felt that the Join Scouting Night lacked organization, offered a poor program, the organizers were not prepared, or there was no follow up to ensure the child was placed in a functioning den. For many parents, this is the first experience they have with Scouting, so their initial impression is crucial. If parents leave with a bad experience they may never give Scouts another chance. For this reason we all need to work hard to ensure that the new families feel welcomed and informed. Remember, parents trust us with their most precious treasures- their children, and we are also trying to impress them that Cub Scouting is worth their effort as a parent as well as a potential volunteer. We must always do our best to meet their highest expectations.

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