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Spring 2020 Recruiting Campaign


Below you will find details and further links to resources to help you be successful in your 2020 Spring recruiting efforts.


Campaign Details:

This spring comes with an extra incentive for Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scout recruitment!

Recruiting older Scouts can have different challenges. Scout Talks and flyers at schools aren't as effective. 

What works well is for Scouts and families to share the benefits of Scouting with their friends and acquaintances. But, selling other people on a program doesn't come easily to everyone. So, we're ready to help! 

Click HERE to request a district representative to host a virtual meeting to talk to your Scouts and the adults about the recruiting campaign and how they can continue to recruit during COVID-19 social distancing 


The Incentives

The below incentives are for the New Scouts* and the Friends that Recruited them

  1. The recruiting Scout and new Scout will each receive a Black Diamond headlamp
  2. An entry into a drawing for a combined $400 camping package
  3. Invite to an exclusive program opportunity only available to those participating in this campaign
  4. Of course, Recruiter patches are always available for purchase at your local Scout store for any Scout that recruits at any time!

AND, units that recruit 5 Scouts by June 30, 2020 will receive a voucher of $175 towards a cabin rental


* Incentives are only for new Scouts that have no current 2020 Membership within Scouting. While any age Scout can be recruited the incentives are for older Scouts (11-17) recruiting other older Scouts (11-17) into the program. While any time is the right time to recruit a friend into Scouting only Scouts recruited from February 1st 2020 through June 30th 2020 will be considered for the incentives with this program. 


Easy Steps to a Great Recruiting Rally

  1. Set a date for the rally at least 4 weeks ahead of time. 
  2. Get your families involved.
  3. Get the word out on social media!

Check these out other great tips!


Social Media Templates

See some posts from nearby unit's like yours!

Utilize the links below to access shareable posts to help promote your rally date.


Helpful Links

The Sitebrander at has great samples of Bring-a-Buddy Cards!






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