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Join Scouting Night and Recruiting Resources

The purpose of the fall membership campaign is to give youth in every community the opportunity to join Scouting. It is a cooperative effort between our district membership teams and our unit leadership.

Why should your unit do a Join Scouting Night?

As a volunteer, you know firsthand the importance of Scouting. The Boy Scouts of America works through local units to provide character and leadership training to the youth of our country.

Recruitment is necessary for a unit’s continued success. And the best way to recruit is through a Join Scouting Night. A well organized, informative, and fun night can show a prospective parent that your unit is worthy of their child. We must always strive to exceed their expectations.


Check the links below to find out more about starting youth on their Scouting journeys.


Submit your Rally Dates and Order Flyers

Before the Join Scouting Night

Join Scouting Night Resources

Support Materials




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