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Join Scouting Night

The Join Scouting night gives parents and youth the opportunity to get to know Scouting at a personal level. Questions are answered, interest is built, and parents get to see how Scouting is for families “just like theirs.”

Keep the event fun and exciting. This not only makes it better for the parents attending, but also will make it easier for you, the organizer. Speak from the heart, don’t stress, and just enjoy the opportunity to introduce new parents to Cub Scouting.


Preparing for your Join Scouting Night


Join Scouting Night resources

**Virtual Join Scouting Night Event Outline**

Join Scouting Night setup

Join Scouting Night Playbook

Sheet

Gathering Time Activity

Leader Position Responsibilities

Parents Guide

Tufts Study Infographic

Join Scouting Night Direction Signs

Best Practices

Support Materials


When a new family turns in their application to you they think they are immediately Scouts. Help them make that a reality by turning in their application within 24-48 hours to your District Executive or the West Bay Scout Shop. Or, have them sign up online through your BeAScout.org invitation link and then they have immediate access to all of the Scouting tools. 



Update your BeAScout.org pin for the most up to date information on your unit and include how you're handling COVID-19 so new families can see you're being safe! Set up online applications to provide a contactless sign up and payment option. 


Don't stop at one! Sometimes scheduling can be tough for parents, so units are encouraged to hold a second Join Scouting Night as well. 


If a family is interested in Scouting but cannot arrange their schedule around your meeting night, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Council. We will do our best to find that family a Scouting home!



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