Nor'easter Frost Point Award 

The Narraganset Council Nor’easter Frost Point Award is presented to the Scout BSA, Venturer, or 
registered adult leader who "earns" 100 or more below frost points between October 1st and May 30th. 
One frost point is awarded for each degree below freezing recorded during a campout. The degree of 
temperature is determined by the "official" weather bureau station nearest the campsite; however, a 
leader's thermometer reading will be accepted. Frost points can be carried over year to year!

Frost Point Calculation: 32 degrees – lowest recorded temperature of the night = Earnable frost points

Example: 32 degrees – 22 degrees lowest recorded temperature of the night = 10 frost points earned

Frost Points can be tracked in Scoutbook. When entering a new camping activity log, frost points can be 
tracked for all participants or individuals.

1. Six or more continuous hours must be spent between sunset and sunrise in a lean-to, snow shelter, 
tent, or in the open.
2. No stoves or heaters are permitted in the tents or shelters.
3. Open fires are permitted, if they do not constitute a hazard to the shelter or the surrounding area 
and are permitted by the camping facility.
4. Scouts may earn Frost Points at organized troop activities with leadership supervision, adhering to 
the principles of two-deep leadership and the Guide to Safe Scouting.
5. Scouts may earn Frost Points at home and backyard camping for those who miss outings due to 
illness, etc. As above, Scouts must have parental supervision and adhere to the Guide to Safe 
6. All equipment to be used by the scout (tent, ground pads, sleep-system, clothing layers, etc.) must 
be reviewed by an adult and approved to be appropriate for the outside temperature.

A special Narraganset Council Nor’easter Frost Point Award patch and rockers are available for purchase at Once the award is earned, rockers may be earned for each additional 100 Frost 
Points earned, up to a maximum of 500. This award is self-monitored by unit leadership, there is no 
application to purchase.

100 Frost Points - Center Main patch 

200 Frost Points - 200 Frost Point Rocker 

300 Frost Points - 300 Frost Point Rocker 

400 Frost Points - 400 Frost Point Rocker 

500 Frost Points - 500 Frost Point Rocker 



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