Coronavirus Update


Health and safety are always our first priority in Scouting and here in the Narragansett Council. With Coronavirus becoming more prevalent in Southeastern New England we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our program. We will provide weekly updates on our website at the end of every Monday. Updates will be timely and relevant and for that reason will only include the upcoming 7-10 days in our weekly updates.

We are following the recommended guidelines of our state leadership. For example, we will not hold gatherings of 250 people or more and it is recommended not to gather in groups of 10 or more for those over the age of 60. For more information please visit the department of health website:

Rhode Island



For more information on Coronavirus please visit the CDC website to review their excellent guidelines. The Boston Globe shared these 9 tips on speaking with young children about their concerns about Coronavirus. 

As cases of Coronavirus increase in Southern New England, the Narragansett Council is taking steps to ensure the safety of its Scouts and families. Please use discretion when making decisions about your local unit meetings and activities. If you or a member of your family is or has been sick please stay at home. Safety at all levels is our priority and we need your help to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

May 12, 2020 Update:

Camp Yawgoog, Champlin, Aquapuag, Cub World and Buck Hill:  While Rhode Island is now in “Phase 1”, the governor has determined that recreational facilities (that’s us) must still remain closed and that all employees who can work from home should still work from home. Based on the criteria provide by the state, these camps remain closed to meetings or activities. When Rhode Island opens for “Phase 2”, we will revisit

Camp Norse, Cachalot and Buxton:  Massachusetts is still under a “stay-at-home” order until at least May 18th. These camps are closed at least until that time. When Massachusetts releases the four-part plan for reopening we will review the guidelines to determine when we can safely allow any activities or meetings at the camps.

The West Bay Scout Shop reopened on Friday 5/15 with limited hours, Noon to 6:00PM for limited in person shopping and conducting of other Scout business. Hours are limited to Fridays for the time being. The Scout Shop will continue free shipping on all orders, which you may call or send via email. Due to Massachusetts restrictions, the East Bay Scout Shop remains closed to customers.

The Council Office will remain closed at this time with all employees working from home.

Any decision on camp availability will be made with safety as the foremost concern. In addition to safety, other factors will also be weighed before a decision to open any camp is made.

After a thorough evaluation, we have concluded that based on the information available to us of likely restrictions, we will NOT be able to conduct on-site Cub Scout Day Camp or Family Camp and we will NOT be able to conduct on-site Scout Camp at Camp Yawgoog this summer.
Instead, we will be launching in the near future plans for virtual camps with a combination of program materials mailed to Scouts in advance, fun outdoor activities that Scouts can do at home or with other Scouts and supplemented by virtual programs. It is too soon to announce summer camp schedules due to the evolving situation with Coronavirus. Our teams are working full-time to prepare camps and camp programs to get all of our kids outdoors as soon as we are able.

See the most recent information on our Camping Season.

Our general guideline is that if school is out, Scout meetings and activities should be canceled.

  • The Council Administrative Office is closed. Here are a few things to know about our office closure:
    • Many of our staff are working from home, but are still available to assist you via phone or email
    • Charters are still being processed. Send in any missing information needed so we can process your charter
    • Meetings and presentations are being rescheduled or held via a multimedia platform
    • Our staff are working on innovative program ideas that would allow your Scouts to participate remotely. Check out!
    • Rangers continue to work on the many projects at our camps while getting ready for a great summer camp season 
    • The Yawgoog and day camp staff are still hiring and rescheduling unit presentations while continuing to prepare for wonderful summer camp experiences
    • District Executives and unit support staff are still available to assist you via phone, email, etc. 
    • Life Scouts working on the rank of Eagle, our national office is aware that this is a disruption and is diligently working on steps to insure that no Scout is penalized on their path to Eagle
      • During this period Scouts are encouraged to mail it to the office at Narragansett Council, PO Box 14777, East Providence, RI 02914.  
  • Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut schools have been canceled. We recommend that unit leaders use good judgement and suspend all unit meetings and activities while school is out. In addition, they should follow the guidelines of the CDC and state health departments which includes:
    • No meetings over with 10 people
    • Utilize social distancing of over 6 feet or more.  If this cannot be done, cancel the meeting or activity. 
  • All district and council meetings and activities are being canceled or will either be held via video call or will be canceled through the end of May.
  • Boards of Review for Eagle and other ranks should be postponed or held virtually. The Boy Scouts of America is allowing extensions for Life Scouts that are working on Eagle if they are prevented from finishing specifically because of coronavirus.  See more on how the BSA is adjusting rank requirements due to coronavirus.  
  • All Council Camps are closed for any purpose.  
  • Upcoming council committee, district committee, and commissioner meetings will be held via conference call. There will not be an in-person option through the end of May.

The Narragansett Council will reevaluate its camping/meeting/activity policy weekly during this outbreak. Visit for the most up to date information. We will provide an update at the end of the day each Monday on our website homepage.

Of course, this is an evolving situation and guidance will change as more information becomes available.  Please check back regularly.  

Contact us at 401-351-8700 with any questions.



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