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What is the Adventure Box?

Adventure Boxes are an easy way to deliver Scouting anywhere! Whether your den is meeting in person, virtually or not at all, the Adventure Box provides the materials and resources necessary to complete each Cub Scout rank.

Families have faced so many challenges this year. For Scouting families one of those challenges has been providing a Scouting program. Unit leaders and parents have persevered and found creative ways to keep scouts involved. Adventure Boxes are designed to deliver a hands-on, challenging and accessible program that will make it easier for families and packs to continue Scouting.

There are two boxes for each rank. Each box includes materials and resources for a total of 4-6 Cub Adventures (required and elective). Both rank boxes will provide a full year of program.

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Adventure Box for Dens

The Adventure Box isn’t just for families Scouting individually at home. The Den Adventure Box is an easy alternative for dens or packs that are meeting in-person, virtually or both. The box includes an entire year of activities and supplies! Den leaders can spend less time planning and shopping and more time working with their Scouts. Best of all, dens who participate as a group will receive a discount when purchasing as a Den package.

These boxes are a great way of making life easier for Scouts, their families and their units! They:
  • Reduces the planning time for Den Leaders and parents
  • Eliminates shopping for supplies
  • Easy for Scouts who can’t attend a meeting to complete the activities at their own pace
  • Advancement and fun activities can continue if Den Leader or Scouts become sick or quarantined
  • Scouts joining later in the year can catch up on missed activities
  • Highly motivated Scouts have opportunity to complete adventures not included in your meetings
The box is filled with everything you need to start your adventure!
  • Detailed, written guidance for scouts and parents to guide the scout through 4-6 Cub Scout Adventures
  • Enough materials for 1 scout to complete 4-6 Cub Scout Adventures. (Some common household items like scissors, paper, salt etc. are not included)
  • Access to Council YouTube playlist that provides additional resources to support each boxes’ learning objectives.
  • Access to support from Adventure Base Camp staff.
  • Detailed counselor guide for each Adventure (available only with Den Adventure Boxes).
These boxes are a great value!
  • Each box costs $50
  • No shipping costs
  • Save $50: Adventure Den Boxes (for 5 Cub Scouts): $200
  • Cost per Scout is only $8.33 per month, per Scout for a full program year!


Choose your Adventure Box:

Lion Boxes

Lion Box 1:


  • Animal Kingdom
  • Fun on the Run
  • Gizmos and Gadgets
  • I’ll Do It Myself
  • Lions Honor

Lion Box 2:


  • Build It Up, Knock
    It Down
  • Ready Set Grow
  • King Of The Jungle
  • Lions Honor

Tiger Boxes

Tiger Box 1:


  • Team Tiger
  • Tiger Bites
  • Tigers in the Wild
  • Good Knights
  • Tiger-iffic

Tiger Box 2:


  • Backyard Jungle
  • Games Tigers Play
  • Safe & Smart
  • Sky is the Limit
  • Duty to God

Wolf Boxes

Wolf Box 1:


  • Howling at the Moon
  • Paws on Path
  • Air of the Wolf
  • Motor Away
  • Duty to God Footsteps
  • Council Fire

Wolf Box 2:


  • Digging up the Past
  • Code of the Wolf
  • Grow Something
  • Call of the Wild
  • Running with the Pack

Bear Boxes

Bear Box 1:


  • Bear Necessities
  • Fur, Feathers,
    and Ferns
  • Make It Move
  • Paws for Action

Bear Box 2:


  • Baloo the Builder
  • Bear Claws
  • Super Science
  • Forensics
  • Fellowship and Duty
    to God

Webelos Boxes

Webelos Box 1:


  • Cast Iron Chef
  • Webelos Walk About
  • Duty to God and You
  • Into the Woods

Webelos Box 2:


  • Stronger, Faster,
  • First Responder
  • Art Explosion
  • Build It

Arrow of Light Box

AOL 1: 


  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Scouting Adventure
  • Duty to God in Action
  • Build a Better World
  • Game Design

(The Arrow of Light rank
only requires one box for
the full program!)


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