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What is Roundtable?


The monthly Roundtable a networking event designed to provide learning opportunities, training, advice, and fellowship for all adults involved with the Scouting program. It is a great place to meet and exchange ideas with other unit leaders, district volunteers, and Commissioners, and to learn from their experiences. We will discuss program topics for your unit and upcoming events to help make sure your pack, troop, or crew is moving in the right direction.

Northeast Roundtable - second Monday of the Month

Southwest Roundtable - second Tuesday of the Month

Northwest Roundtable - second Wednesday of the Month

Southeast Roundtable - second Thursday of the Month

We’ll see you there!


Be sure to check out our great Council-Wide Roundtable/Training events.

BOOM: This June event kicks off our Program year with great discussion of upcoming events. Join us and see what's coming!
Thrive Drive: This December event is tailored more towards the Committee Chair and those great volunteers who want to help their unit's support systems. 
Leaderpalooza - Are you new to your Scouting role, interested in getting more involved as a leader, or have yet to participate in an in-person leader development program for your Scouting position? How effectively you influence the lives of youth comes down to your ability to do something new that makes a difference or deliver better than you did before and the feeling of satisfaction from such Scouting accomplishments.




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