Before the Join Scouting Night

There are a number of ways you can start planning and preparing for your Join Scouting Night.

A central, familiar, location should be chosen for your unit's Join Scouting Night. Although your unit might be chartered by a religious institution, schools offer the best chance for a successful night! Your pack sign-up coordinator should organize the sign-up event team for your unit, usually five to six people to act as “station chiefs.” These are simple jobs that anyone can fill, but it’s best to use parents of current Cub Scouts who can talk from the heart about what Cub Scouting means to their family and their kids.


Have your pack calendar, fee schedule, leaders’ list and meeting times/dates/locations prepared.

Provide information to your unit commissioner, district sign-up chair, or district executive so that they can assist with advertising.


Meet with your recruitment team (who should be outgoing, knowledgeable, organized, friendly, and responsible).

Coordinate with your district sign-up night chair and district executive.

Review responsibilities with each station chief.


Event promotion

Share your Join Scouting Night and Request flyers for your community

Make sure your pin is active and visible

How to Accept Online Youth Applications

Advertising your Rally at an Open House

Community event materials and tips

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Recruitment Materials Order Form

Sample letter to School Principal

Sample letter to Teacher


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